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We have a limited number of speaking slots still available.

Festival-goers will enjoy presentations from experts on gardening and growing best practices.  


Speakers are sprinkled throughout the venue grounds; some take place indoors and others can be in the covered Amplitheater.


Topics must be germane to the event theme and are subject to the approval of the event planning committee. (See guidelines below).


To be considered, submit your application below, where you can submit questions as well.

ATTENTION speakers:


  • The recommended length is about 20 minutes. We can accommodate indoor and outdoor spots on the campus, and AV is available. Preferences can be listed in your Speaker's request form.  While we cannot guarantee all time slot requests, we will try to accommodate your preferences.  Some talks may overlap. 

  • All talk topics should be germane to planting and growing and must be approved by our event committee. Details are in the Speaker's form.

  • Contact at the entrance will guide you to your location for setup.

  • For questions, reach out via email:  

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