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about the FESTIVAL

about the FESTIVAL


about the FESTIVAL

Join SWFL RESET Center, Seed and Plant Vendors, and Permaculture Experts on the campus of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Myers for a celebration of the amazing abundance and nutrition that is available to all from seeds planted in family and community gardens.

The first Seed and Plant Festival was in October of 2022 - less than one month after Hurricane Ian devastated SWFL!  Our team pondered whether to continue with the event, given the extent of damage the community suffered, including those on our event team who lost or experienced damage to their homes.


It was clear that our local vendors and artists needed healing too - and that an opportunity to gather, sell, and recover would be a welcome part of that healing.


We decided to soldier on to exemplify the fortitude so many were demonstrating in our community - and we were so glad we did!  Our vendors were happy for the chance to experience normalcy and help recoup some of their losses from the storm, and the community responded.   The response was wonderful as people all over the SWFL gathered for a much-needed day of relaxation and fellowship - and to gather plants and seeds to restore their gardens.


Perseverance takes many forms and can put us on new paths of growth. 


This we know: SWFL citizens are STRONG!

reset loves's who we are: 

about swfl reset center

SWFL RESET Center is a consensus-building organization that inspires collaborative actions to reset human impacts on global warming and ecological systems through transformative education. We are committed to being both good stewards of our planet and good relatives to the land that serves us.

Regenerative agriculture revitalizes the soil through sustainable practices, restoring the planet from the ground up, and is a special focus of the RESET Center.  It is the presence of observable science, a practice that aligns agriculture with natural principles, revitalizing and reinstating healthy agricultural ecosystems. We seek biological alignment: how to live and grow better food in ways that are more productive, safer, and more resilient. 


Come join the fun on December 9, 2023!

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getting here

The Seed & Plant Festival is located on the campus of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Myers.

Address: 13411 Shire Lane, Fort Myers FL 33912

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